Marshall (with producing partner, Tyler Hawes, through their production company, Convoy Entertainment) works  in direct partnership with The Gorilla Glue Company. Together, Marshall and Tyler are responsible for all of Gorilla's original content, from a silly music video parody to a library of national broadcast commercials. Convoy is self-sufficient from concept through delivery, which makes projects affordable, easy to manage, and consistently high quality.

Gorilla Glue - Sticky Situations :60 (National Broadcast with over 14M views on YouTube)

Gorilla Super Glues :15

Clear Gorilla Tape :15

Clear Gorilla Glue :30

Gorilla Glue :30

Gorilla Sealant :15

Gorilla Tape :06

Gorilla Weld :06

Gorilla Super Glue :06

Gorilla: Bruno Mars Music Video Parody